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              1. 如果问题设在段首







              2. 如果问题设在段尾



              注意在选项中查找表示结果结论,总结等的信号词。Therefore, as a result, thus, hence, in short, to sum up, to conclude, in a word等词语,选项中也可发现前文的同义词句。










              一) 做题步骤

              1. 阅读各个空的前后句,标记关键词


              2. 阅读各个选项,尤其是选项的首句,标记关键词

              3. 比较上述两类关键词,确定答案

              4. 将确定的答案代入原文,看读起来是否通顺。

              二) 判断方法


              1. 词汇衔接


              2. 逻辑衔接


              3. 代词衔接

              正确选项中代词之后的关键词一定在原文的前一句谈论过。例如,如果选项中说this reward,而且这一选项是正确答案,那么原文中的空之前的句中一定出现过reward这个词或它的同义词。


              ices, which do not fit in any of the blanks. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

              On the north bank of the Ohio river sits Evansville, Ind., home of David Williams, 52, and of a riverboat casino (a place where gambling games are played). During several years of gambling in that casino, Williams a state auditor earning $35,000 a year, last approximately $175,000. He had never gambled before the casino sent him a coupon for $20 worth of gambling.   He visited the casino, lost the $20 and left .On his second visit he lost $800. The casino issued to him, as a good customer, a “Fun Card”, which when used in the casino earns points for meals and drinks, and enables the casino to track the user’s gambling activities. For Williams, these activities become what he calls “electronic heroin”.

              (41) _________. In 1997 he lost $21,000 to one slot machine in two days. In March 1997 he lost $72,186. He sometimes played two slot machines at a time, all night, until the boat locked at 5 a.m, then went back aboard when the casino opened at 9 a.m .Now he is suing the casino, charging that it should have refused his patronage because it knew he was addicted. It did know he had a problem.   In March 1998, a friend of Williams’s got him involuntarily confined to a treatment center for addictions, and wrote to inform the casino of Williams’s gambling problem. The casino included a photo of Williams among those of banned gamblers, and wrote to him a “cease admissions” letter. Noting the “medical/psychological” nature of problem gambling behaviors, the letter said that before being readmitted to the casino he would have to present medical/psychological information demonstrating that patronizing the casino would pose no threat to his safety or well-being.

              (42) _____________________________.   The Wall Street Journal reports that the casino has 20 signs warning, “Enjoy the fun… and always bet with your head, not over it.” Every entrance ticket lists a toll-free number for counseling from the Indiana Department of Mental Health. Nevertheless, Williams’s suit charges that the casino, knowing he was “helplessly addicted to gambling,” intentionally worked to “lure” him to “engage in conduct against his will.” Well.

              (43)_________________________.   The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders says “pathological gambling ”involves president, recurring and uncontrollable pursuit less of money than of the thrill of taking risks in quest of a windfall.

              (44)___________________. Pushed by science, or what claims to be science, society is reclassifying what once were considered character flaws or moral failings as personality disorders skin to physical disabilities.

              (45)____________________.   Forty-four states have lotteries, 29 have casinos, and most of these states are to varying degrees dependent on - you might say addicted to - revenues from wagering. And since the first Internet gambling site was created in 1995, competition for gambler’s dollars has become intense. The Oct.28 issue of Newsweek reported that 2 million gamblers patronize 1,800 virtual cosines every week, with $3.5 billion being lost on Internet wagers this year, gambling has ,passed pornography as the web’s webs most profitable business.

              (A) Although no such evidence was preserved, the casino’s marketing department continued to pepper him with mailings. And he entered the casino ad used his Fun Card without being detected.

              (B) It is unclear what luring was required, given his compulsive behavior. And in what sense was his will operative?

              (C) By the time he had lost $5,000, he said to himself that if he could get back to even, he would quit, one night he won $5,500, but he did not quit.

              (D) Gambling has been a common feature of American life forever, but for a long time it was broadly considered a sin, or a social disease. Now it is a social policy, the most important and aggressive promoter of gambling in America is the government.

              (E) David Williams suit should trouble this gambling nation. But don’t bet on it.

              (F) It is worrisome that society is medicalizing more and more behavioral problems, often defining as addiction what earlier, sterner generations explained as weakness of will.

              (G) The anonymous, lonely, undistracted nature of online gambling is especially conductive to compulsive behavior. But even if the government knew how to more against Internet gambling, what would be its grounds for doing so?   1.标记空前后句中的关键词   本文以Williams为例,讨论赌博的危害性。各个空前后句的关键词标记如下:

              41.空前:名词词组electronic morphine(电子吗啡,意思是上瘾);数字20、800。空后:数字21,000等。说明空中要填入的选项可能包含数字,并且描述了赌博上瘾的情况。


              43.引号中的关键词:lure, conduct against his will。

              44.关键词:diagnostic, mental disorder, pathological。说明空中要填入的选项可能涉及与医学有关的行为。

              45.空后句中的关键词:forty-five states。说明空中要填入的选项可能涉及政府行为。而且forty-five states是具体说明,那么它前面的空应该是总论政府的行为。


              (A)such evidence, mailings。Such evidence说明空的前一句可能提到过一种evidence(证据),选项中的continued to pepper him with mailings说明空的前一句提到过mailings(写信)一类的东西。

              (B)luring,will。What luring说明luring 或其同义词在前一句出现过。His will说明will或其同义词在前一句出现过。

              (C)数字5,000;赌博上瘾(did not quit)。说明前一句可能提到数字,而且涉及赌博上瘾的说明。

              (D)common feature; social policy; government。

              (E)David Williams’s suit;this gambling nation。

              (F)medicalizing more and more behavioral problems。more and more说明空前已经以医疗方式(medicalizing)处理过类似问题。

              (G) online gambling。



              41与C、42与A、43与B、44与F、 45与D。

              4. 代入原文


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